MISSION: Magdalene House Chicago seeks to nurture sustainable change for adult women who have survived sex trafficking and prostitution, by providing a sober-living home sanctuary that is both trauma and faith-informed, where they can heal, access community-based services, and achieve stability.

About Magdalene House Chicago 

VISION: Magdalene House Chicago seeks an end to a culture that allows human beings to be bought and sold. 

Magdalene House Chicago, Inc. is a home and enterprise for positive personal change in the anti-sex trafficking industry. MHC fulfills a promise to offer all women survivors the flexibility, advocacy, and humanity they need to heal and become leaders. Once the house is up and running, MHC will offer up to 24 months rent-free housing for women who are ready to heal from lives of trauma. In addition, women living in the house will be offered access to job training, essential health services, legal guidance and recovery programs.

As we work to build our community here in Chicago, we are sustained by the generous support of individuals, businesses and faith communities across the state. We have heard from so many who stand with us and with all survivors in the belief that love heals. Your support moves us one step closer to the day when we can open our doors (hopefully, in 2019) and welcome home those women most in need. Thank you! 

For more information about how you can join in our efforts to create a thriving and supportive community for women survivors seeking a safe home in Chicago, please be in touch: info@magdalenehousechicago.org