By nurturing transformative, sustainable change for healing and freedom, Magdalene House Chicago stands in solidarity with women who have survived lives of trafficking, prostitution, addiction and homelessness.

It is the intent of Magdalene House Chicago to emulate the model of the community of Magdalene in the following ways:

  • 24 Months, rent-free housing, treatment, vocational training/employment and permanent housing upon graduation
  • All financial support is private -- no state or federal funding
  • Theologically informed but not faith based - no compulsory religious education or worship
  • Trauma-informed services and support
  • No live-in staff or ‘senior residents’
  • Weekly stipends for first six months in residence
  • Authority embedded in concepts of community and home, in Find Your Way Home, in Twelve Step traditions, and in opportunity to “re-parent” -- Love Heals
  • Nonprofit and safety net community providers for medical, recovery and mental health treatment. In-house group services include health and wellness, recovery, financial literacy and arts.

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Magdalene House Chicago is committed to sharing the mission

of the community of Magdalene. That is: 

Your donation will help women as they heal and rebuild their lives.

Magdalene House Chicago

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